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ENERGY AUDITS UNLIMITED will conduct a thorough examination of your home, using techniques based on building science. Employing industry-accepted tools such as the Minneapolis Blower Door, and Thermographic Inspections, we will show you where your home is wasting energy. The information gathered through the Energy Audit is then used to construct a computer model snapshot of your home at the time of the audit and then suggests remedial measures for your home, eliminating the guesswork around repairs and improvements. After you review this report with us, we then work with you to find qualified, experienced and trusted weatherization crews.



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A Minneapolis Blower Door is used to depressurize the building and exaggerate the paths where energy is wasted. When used in conjunction with the IR camera pictured below, the results can be startling. The blower door is the single most important tool that the auditor will use. Even if there are no other diagnostic tools available, the blower door is essential to conduct a science-based evaluation of the leakiness of the building.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera – Although not completely essential, the IR camera presents a striking visual addition to the data gathered by the blower door.  Invisible problems, hidden by the structure, such as water leaks, live knob and tube wiring, missing or poorly installed insulation, and infiltration paths are revealed with the IR camera.