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Small commercial enterprises, and others, need the same attention paid to them as our residential customers. Many times, impressive savings can be realized simply by replacing incandescent or fluorescent fixtures with new LED fixtures. Older fluorescent fixtures-those with old magnetic ballasts-can be re-worked in place, by by-passing the ballasts and replacing the lamps with LED lamps. Replacing incandescent fixtures with LED bulbs or fixtures will save up to 90% on the lighting portion of a business’ lighting bill. A small commercial audit done by Energy Audits Unlimited will usually focus on these lighting modifications.

ASHRAE Level 2 Lighting audits and Energy Plans for submittal to the NHPUC for Commercial Solar PV Rebates are a specialty offered by Energy Audits Unlimited

Depending on whether the small business owner actually owns the building, other efficiency measures can be installed to further reduce energy use. A swap to Energy-Star © appliances, replacing freezers or refrigerators that may be older than ten years, for example, can also substantially reduce energy waste.

In multi-unit buildings, where heat and hot water are included in the rent, building owners can save on water usage simply by changing to low-flow showerheads and sink aerators. Changing common area lighting to LEDs and installing temperature-limiting thermostats inside units can add valuable dollars back to the bottom line.


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