Tip: A 5° higher setting on your air conditioning thermostat will save about 10% on cooling costs.

Tip: Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and save 75% of lighting costs.

Energy Audits Unlimited, LLC, was established after the owner, Paul Button, saw a lack of attention being paid to homeowners and small business owners who want to reduce the amount of money they spend on energy. Bringing 30 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, electrician, and energy auditor, Paul has a passion for helping people see how their buildings work and where money can be invested in a targeted, logical way on specific repairs to improve the efficiency of those buildings.

The utilities’ programs, with additional funding from the Department of Energy, do a wonderful job at caring for the neediest among the population: low-income, fixed-income, seniors, and single-parent families. After working for several years with these programs, Paul realized that the segment of the population who did not qualify, due to higher income levels, were equally in need of help in saving money. Several utilities have begun recently offering financial assistance to higher income families, and there are federal tax incentives for installing energy efficiency measures.

Energy Audits Unlimited, LLC will work diligently to ensure that intelligent and concerned consumers will get the knowledge they need to make informed choices in their efforts toward becoming more efficient.

We will help ensure our nation’s security by helping reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

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